Callino London Custom Face Mask For Corporate and industrial

Callino London Urban Face Mask is known for its bright stylish plains & prints. Callino Urban Face mask, This is made up of 100% Egyptian Cotton, breathable, reusable, reversible with one side Plain cotton fabric, soft elastic loops for extra comfort, easy dip wash, wash separately at 40 °C

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Highlights of the product
• 100% Cotton Mask For Adults
• 100% Cotton Washable Mask with Comfortable Elastic Ear Strings (CE Certified)
• 3 Layer Protection mask 99% Germ-Free Melt-Blown Layer inside (SITRA Approved)
• Very lightweight, Foldable, Easy Breathable, Washable, Reversible & Re-usable.
• Woven on the outside to protect from external fluids & 100% Cotton Fabric Inside for better feel on the skin.
• Easy Dip Wash with Mild Detergent and Soap, Ease of Maintenance & High on Durability – up to 30 Washes
• Detachable plastic adjustable headband for extra comfort (Free On Combo Deals Only)
• Nose pin For extra comfort Protection:

General Protection in all weather conditions against pollution, germs, dust particles, infections, and bacteria.

How to Use/Care Instruction:
1. Wash your hands before touching your mask.
2. When you put on the mask make sure it covers your nose and mouth and fits comfortably around your face.
3. While you have the mask on in public places, avoid touching it and replace it if it feels damp.
4. Do not wear the mask for more than 6 hours continuously.
5. To remove the mask, remove it from behind, do not touch the mask; store away separately in a closed bin.
6. Do not touch the front side of the mask.
7. Wash mask with soap and water / antiseptic liquid after every use.
8. Wash hands carefully with soap after removing mask.

ISO Certified | CE Certified | FDA Approved | SITRA Approved-Melt Blown.

No mask can guarantee full protection from COVID 19. This mask can help avoid droplets and aerosol if used effectively as per the user instructions.