Why Choose Cotton Shirts over Polyester Shirts

Cotton is known as the softest and friendliest fabric to the skin. On the other hand, polyester is considered abrasive to the skin. Polyester is an artificial or man-made fiber while cotton is a natural fiber. During summers, when we sweat a lot, Cotton Shirts for Men become extremely skin-friendly and comfort-giving as compared to polyester.

Although polyester is cheaper than cotton, it is unwearable during summer. Cotton is extremely breathable and keeps our bodies comfortable and cool. Hence, when it comes to choosing, cotton is the most preferred fabric. This is because cotton has a plethora of benefits, being the most comfort-giving fabric.

Top Reasons to Choose

People all over the world use cotton more than any other fiber. Since cotton is a natural product and can control moisture, offer comfort, and insulate. Moreover, it is a durable, weatherproof, and hypoallergenic fabric. Let’s discuss why you should choose cotton shirts for men over polyester!

1. Extremely Soft

Being very soft and super skin-friendly, cotton offers a luxury feeling. This is why it’s a great fabric for Plain Shirts for Men. Cotton’s softness creates comfort even after several washes. Men usually prefer 100% cotton due to their luxury soft features.
You can wear such shirts for a corporate meeting, paired with a suit. Look great with jeans also if you want a casual look. Since these shirts keep you cool on warm days, you can wear them on your tropical vacation, clubbed with shorts.

2. Easy Care

After implementing different weaving techniques, the cotton fabric has become easy to handle and care for. Hence, Totally iron-free, easy to wash, dry, and wear. Whether you wear an iron-free or easy-care, it will remain good during the day and will get very few wrinkles.

3. Have Great Cooling Properties.

Since cotton is breathable, it allows the body to remain dry, while letting your skin breathe properly. This makes sure to keep you cool, even on warmer summer days. This cooling property makes the shirt remain fresh all over the day.
Polyester doesn’t feel the same as cotton. It has no cooling property and you cannot wear a polyester outfit during warmer days of summer. You can be sure to stay fresh all over the day.

4. Skin-Friendly

People with very sensitive skin also can wear regularly. This is because of the hypoallergenic feature of the cotton fabric. Cotton absorbs moisture and leaves your skin dry. Hence, it does not create irritations on your skin.

Bottom Lines

So, these are a few reasons why you should go for cotton shirts and not polyester ones. You can browse the Callino store to go through our wide variety of men’s plain. Choose the best shirt according to your size and get the utmost comfort.

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