Which Color of a Shirt Goes with a Blue Nehru Jacket

In today’s time, the Nehru Jacket has become a perfect example for every Indian man to hit the traditional look. Due to its versatility, you can wear this modernized jacket in any style. Popular from the era of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Nehru Jacket is featured as the one that has front buttons and a mandarin collar.

You can pair a blue Nehru jacket with many western or Indian outfits.If you are going to a night out or someone’s wedding event, this blog has got your back.

Shirt Colors That Go Perfectly

1. Tone Down with Grey

Rather than going for vibrant colors, you can tone it down. Wear your blue Print Nehru Jacket over a grey shirt, prep your appearance with white trousers, and slay an exceptional party look.

2. Choose All Blue

Add a little more grace to your classic blue printed jacket by pairing it with a blue shirt. This choice is perfect for any forthcoming event. You can design contrast with your shoes as well. Let everyone’s eyes be on you as you hit this look.

3. Combine Light Shades like Beige or Cream

Wear a beige or cream color shirt with a blue Nehru jacket and white trousers. With this, you can make an eye-catchy look. You can finish the look with brown formal shoes. This attire will earn you lots of compliments, as it’s a classic style for the festive season.

4. Choose Mood Fixer Colors like Red

Brighten up your look by selecting mood fixer shades like red. Pair a red shirt with your blue print Nehru jacket and white pants. This design style offers a conventional touch and unique comfort. This outfit is completely fashion-forward and will help you get all the attention as you wear it in the festive season.

5. Look More Professional with White

White speaks louder than any shade. You can prep up western wear with the classy blue printed jacket. Made for the next formal occasion, include a blue print Nehru jacket with blue pants and a white shirt. This amazing outfit gets all the admiration with its glam effect.

6. Pastel Fits More

If you want to keep this attire subtle for an event, choose light shades like pastel. Wear a blue floral print jacket with a pastel color shirt. This will enhance your style statements and add a modernized version of a lively vibe.

7. Black is Always a Shade to Catch

You will love the color combination that is designed with royal blue printed Nehru jacket. Wear a black shirt with this blue jacket and cropped pants. The attire will give you the ultimate pleasure to deck up for the festive season.


Select from the aforesaid options that will become a subtle choice for you during an occasion. Every Nehru jacket style adds elegance and assures to make you stand out from the crowd.

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