What Are Chinos Styles You Should Know Everything

What are chinos?

It Is made of a material named chino that is also known as 100% cotton. Chinos have become popular because of the use of both cotton and synthetic materials. You can easily recognize chino pants. Just look at the rise of the pants that are not longer than trouser pants.

Moreover, there are up to 3 pockets in chino pants that are always slim or straight fit. When it comes to talking about colors, chinos are available in nearly every shade. So, you can style it as per your choice and wear it in both casual and formal settings.

Style tips for men: How to wear chinos

What are chinos is a question we’ve answered, but the bigger question still remains. How to wear chinos?

There is no particular chinos style that has to be followed but rather it is the versatility of chinos that makes it the perfect choice of attire for multiple dress codes and almost every occasion.

An integral part of men’s wardrobe essentials, chinos can easily blend in a casual attire and at the same time work as a part of the formal ensemble with equal panache. For a more street style casual look, team the well-fitting chinos with some bright colored trainers and a basic tee. You can also switch it up by adding a printed t-shirt in its stead along with a bomber jacket.

For men who want to leave the formal dress pants behind, they have the luxury of opting for chinos as a seamless alternative. You can wear a dark colored suit or blazer with chinos without leaving much to be desired. Pair it with your Oxfords or Derby’s, and you are all set to impress.

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How to wear chinos with a shirt?

While learning about what chinos are, you might come across chinos combinations with t-shirts.  The effect of a navy blue or khaki colored chinos with shirts, especially a crisp white one, cannot be underestimated.  From a cool collection of shirts to wear with chinos, you can experiment with neutral colored shirts and rolled up sleeves for an understated look. For a more preppy appeal, you can button your shirt all the way up and even add a pullover for a contrasting effect.



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