Styling Tips to Wear Chinos Pants in 2021

Men’s Chinos are one of the most versatile and practical trousers. Like denim jeans, this casual bottom is a style staple. However, not every chino is made similar. With lots of colors and types on offer – from luxury and cheap brands, finding the right pair of chinos is difficult.

Fit and Styling

Styling and fitting your chinos are based on the event and your personality. Get a pair that sits properly on the hip with a similar length and rise in the leg as a pant, and one with tapering at your ankle. A little wider leg is a big trend this season. By rolling the cuff you can accomplish a cinched look.

Choose the Color

Although khaki is the all-time color for Chinos Pants for Men, you can explore other colors for your next pair. Choose soothing hues like lilac grey, rose, light red, and peach. These are big and easy to wear colors for men.

The brightness and lightness of these shades keep them in trend this year. Grey and navy chinos are perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Else, you can try something in earthen shades like taupe, rocky charcoal, or forest green.

What to Wear With

1. Shirts


If you have to attend a casual event, we suggest you wear a casual shirt with your chinos. A classic chambray shirt or a linen button-down shirt can complement your chinos pants well. Stripes and patterns are great but don’t go overboard with shades. To keep things on point, match blues with its other shades.

2. T-Shirts

Men’s chinos and t-shirts are the best and easiest combination to achieve a classic look. Select any shade of chino and match with a navy, white, or black t-shirt. Club the look with white sneakers to get a summer-ready look.

3. Bomber Jackets

You will require a jacket when the temperature drops. You can opt for a casual bomber jacket for complimenting your chinos. Keep it casual with t-shirts or wear light knitwear underneath.

4. Blazers

If you have to go out in a hurry, t-shirts, chinos, and blazers are the winning combo. Black blazers and blue chinos are famous, blue blazers and khaki chinos work as well. Try to explore basic colored t-shirts; else, you can wear a casual shirt also. It’s an ideal smart-casual look.

5. Coats

If it’s wet, choose a trench coat with men’s chinos. It looks smart and can keep the cold and rain away. Wear light knitwear underneath to stay warm.

Final Thoughts

At the time of managing chinos pants, explore various styles and your preferred type. Opt for chino pants that can reflect your style and personality. Never feel afraid to play with shades. Make sure to choose at least a neutral shade to make it into your casual bottom collection this year.

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