Modern Trousers For Mens Formal Wear Styles

Trousers have one job, to look straight and sleek at all times – it doesn’t matter if the wearer is sitting, standing, walking or standing perfectly still. For a working man, formal pants are probably one of the most common pants in his wardrobe because that is what he wears to work 6 days out of a week unless he’s an extremely lucky man who only works 5 days a week – in which case… Did I mention extremely lucky? All the various types of formal pants for men which are available in any store in any market, need to fit a certain way and here is the checklist which will make your shopping experience to buying formal trousers quick and easy! The perfect pair of pants does exist – they just need to follow the shape of the man’s body which means these pants need to be wide at the waist, tapered till the ankles, with enough room for movement but no extra fabric hanging around.

What exactly are Trouser

Trousers are generally considered as formal pants that always have four or more pockets and a few pockets are hidden as well. The best thing about trouser pants is that they are available in many fabrics, such as khadi, linen, silk, and cotton.

Two kinds of trousers are available on the market – casual trousers and formal trousers. Formal trousers have no particular design. They are plain men’s pants in which a similar colour cloth is utilised. On the other hand, casual trousers are available in several designs to give you a cool appearance.

Trousers are perfect to wear for climbing, hunting, any formal occasion, or at the office. In short, you can wear trousers at both formal and informal events.

Types of formal pants for men and the perfect occasion to wear these pants.

Dress pants

What are Dress pants?

More commonly known as suit pants are supposed to fit perfectly around the waist. The aim is to be able to wear a tucked in shirt without having to wear a belt.

  1. Best Dress Pants for Your Body Type

    If these pants pull around the hips, pockets or groin area that means they are too tight and you need a bigger size – pulling your gut in isn’t going to help!

    Essential Coloured Dress Pants Every Man should have
    The universally common pant shirt combination when it comes to dress pants is a black pant with a crisp white shirt and a checkered tie aka the corporate look. To make this classic look a little different, choose a bold tie or a statement tie pin! Going a step further, opting for a brown pants matching shirt combination will really make you stand out during business meetings.

2.   What are chinos pants?

It Is made of a material named chino that is also known as 100% cotton. Chinos have become popular because of the use of both cotton and synthetic materials. You can easily recognize chino pants. Just look at the rise of pants that are not longer than trouser pants.

Moreover, there are up to 3 pockets in chino pants that are always slim or straight fit. When it comes to talking about colours, chinos are available in nearly every shade. So, you can style it as per your choice and wear it in both casual and formal settings.

Two colors that works best for Chinos

The black shirt grey pants combination looks stellar when dressing for work! Another great pant shirt combination is pairing dirt brown or beige pants with a pastel coloured shirt such as mint green or ivory cream.


  1. What are Pleated pants and how they different from flat pants

Those suit pants which are styled and ironed in a manner to have a pleat running across the front of both legs from the hip to the ankle. As mentioned above, pleated pants are not very common among the younger generation so they opt for flat front pants. These create a formal look for men whilst being a straighter snugger fit which allows a slimming effect.

How It Should Fit – Pleated Pants

These types of formal pants for men have a silhouette which is straight and fitted, which is great for slimmer figures. Keeping this in mind, men who are heavy bottomed or have big thighs should opt for pleated pants because those types of pants will keep the passerby’s eyes away from a man’s fatter regions. While pairing with a blazer, slim to average sized men should always opt for flat front pants whereas bigger men should choose pleated pants for a slimmer effect.

What colour pleated pants look good with suits

A black pants and blazer with a white or black shirt always make it to the top of the list of men’s formal wear colour combinations, with a grey suit and a blue suit not far behind!

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