Callino London Men's Chinos That Never Go Out Of Style

Chinos are pants that were first adopted by the military, but have travelled a long way in men's fashion.Way back in 1898 when American troops were deployed in Philippines during the Spanish~American War their military wear were sourced from Chinese twill cotton. Thus, came from the Spanish name for China.

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Versatile chinos are neat styling solutions when the event is calling for casual clothing and are extremely comfortable as well as offer trim along with charming looks. Chinos for Men are less formal than pants and more dressy than casual jeans. Unlike jeans, which remain casual in all scenarios, Can easily swap roles from casuals to semi~formals in a jiffy. Are not only ideal in casual and semi~formal settings, they appear great in formal situations too.

Chinos are available in assorted colours, fittings and styles, which make things a little challenging when it comes to choosing your perfect pair. The variety of colours such as navy blue, orange, white, cream, green, black, grey, brown, red and many more can turn one outfit into several mind blowing combinations. Further to the point, the way should fit is largely dependent on your personal style. Chinos mean more when you start living in them. Go ahead and wear them with casual shirts, long sleeve polos, sports coats, jumpers and so forth. Moreover, you must wear appropriate footwear. Luckily most of them are in sync with for suave appearance.

chinos for men online indiaThe most important aspects of  are durability, comfort and care. The slim~fit chinos are tailored from a rich fabric that is a blend of 97% cotton and 3% lycra. The fabric is extremely durable. Chinos Pants for Men are comfortable, cool and stretchable. Chinos are machine washable, stain resistant, easydry, resistant to wrinkles, inodourous, antifungal and antibacterial, which make them the best choice.

This is the perfect occasion to go shopping. The finest from Callino London are out here to refresh the line up of pants in your closet. We are delighted to present the curated that are unsurpassed in variety, style, quality and tailoring.

Callino London is the ultimate destination for fancy. Redefine your styling statement with our chinos.

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