Make a Fashion Statement with Formal Shirts for Men

The most crucial part of men's clothing is his shirt. It is a very necessary part of clothing and it comes in various styles and fits; and one can try a fresh look with each shirt when they wear. No matter what the occasion is, whether it is daytime or evening wear or a wedding, this simple piece of clothing can be styled derivatively.

So here are a few suggestions of   that can make man extra appealing.

Stripes and cheques


Stripes and cheques Formal Shirts for Men when paired with plain Blazer or formal trousers are different league combinations. You can use it as day wear or evening wear and even to formal dinners and events. This adds a proper manly and handsome look and gives perfection to your dressing sense.

Mandarin Collar shirts

A band or mandarin collar looks amazingly elegant on formal occasions. Whether it’s an engagement party or a professional event, this shirt will be a superb choice. The mandarin-style keeps you away from the hassles of bows and ties. You can wear them with crisply pleated trousers for a professional appearance. Club it with fitted jeans or chinos for a semi-formal event, and you are ready to go. To steal lots of attention, wear this shirt with dress shoes.

The classic and versatile white shirt

A plain and simple white shirt never goes out of fashion. It can be worn with a pair of denims or a black formal trouser and even casual summer clothes. A plain white shirt is a must for the wardrobe of every gentleman across the world. It is the formula to make an ultimate fashion statement. It is timeless and will never get out-dated. A well-tailored and crisp iconic shirt is all it takes to get that handsome Look.


So at the end these are some fashionable shirt variants that make you look different and give you a handsome look. For more men’s fashion related blogs. Click Here.

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