How to Wear Shirt outside Trousers

Many men prefer to wear a shirt outside trousers. However, many of them want to know how to untuck shirts for men. Buying Branded Shirts for Men online and wearing them untucked can be beneficial, but you need to follow some rules to enjoy a sartorial experience.

Wearing a shirt outside trousers can disclose your whole shirttail–the part that is made to be tucked in. This not just looks wrinkled and long but also makes a poor-fitting appearance. However, we at Callino can fix this issue with shirts particularly to be worn outside trousers. Read on our crucial tips if you want to go untucked!

1. Get the Perfect Length

The basic rule to looking elegant while wearing a shirt outside trousers begins with the hemline. You just should get the perfect length. You need a shirt that falls at the right place–simply about at the mid zipper with a slightly pocket showing–for an appearance that is always easy to wear and flattering. Callino shirts have the right untucked length. Even after wash, our shirts’ length stays the same.

2. Get the Right Fit

Wearing an outfit that fits your body perfectly is the best way to look amazing always. Find a shirt that is custom-made to your body. The shirt seams’ top must land on your shoulder’s top, not on the biceps. While buttoned, the collar must fit 2 fingers comfortably. And you must not have more than 3-4 inches of additional shirt fabric at the hips while standing.
Want to buy Cotton Shirts for Men that fit like tailored shirts but have no time for waiting for them to be designed? Just go for a brand like Callino that provides you the right fit–with no price shock or the wait. Whether you need a slim, relaxed, tall, or regular fit, we have it all.

3. Choose a Wrinkle-Free Option

Shirts look great when they are crisp. So, search for shirts that have wrinkle-free treatments so you don’t need to iron them.  Maximum Callino shirts are wrinkle-free, so they come out always looking crisp and clean. Simply hang them directly out of the dryer and they are prepared for wearing–no ironing required.

4. Give a Personal Touch

Untucked shirts are the most versatile thing to have in your wardrobe. Going to a party with friends? Just roll up your sleeves. Need to wear it at the workspace? They appear sharper under sweaters. Untucked shirts even look amazing over t-shirts on weekends or under blazers at a social event. In a nutshell, wearing shirts outside trousers gives a style statement for any time–as long as you follow these basic tips.
Final Words

Buying branded shirts for men from Callino and wearing them outside trousers will give you an amazing style experience and if done perfectly, it will be the real game-changer. Ensuring your shirt fits perfectly and is not very long will make sure that you look and feel good, even with your shirt opened and untucked.

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