How to Wear a Formal Waistcoat, This Season’s Must-Have

Men’s fashion is increasingly developing day by day. Now business-casual attires are more popular than standard corporate dress codes. Sometimes you need to dress up to impress. During some crucial job interviews, presentations, or at formal events, wearing a three-piece suit grabs all the attention toward you. It looks more robust, more elegant, and dashing at the same time. Moreover, wearing a well-fitted Waistcoat can flatter every shape and size.

More Oversized men can wear a waistcoat to hide their pleated or baggy shirts underneath for a seamless appearance. They also let you look well-dressed even if you remove your jacket. Waistcoats are very easy to wear if you remember the basic rules of wearing. Check out the dos of wearing before attending a formal event.

The Basics of Wearing

1. Double-Up

Double-breasted waistcoats may appear a bit daunting to wear. However, if you seek a formal look, they are ideal. The basic of wearing a traditional double-breasted is to keep the rest of the attire moderate. Explore an ordinary blue suit with a double-breasted underneath for a sophisticated look, and complete with a soft white shirt and dark-textured tie. It’s an easy way to enhance customized attire.

2. Excel in the fit

Excel in the Waistcoat’s Fit

A waistcoat is a skillfully easy thing to get right. First, you need to check whether it fits around your middle. If your Formal Waistcoat is very spacious or loose, it cannot make a lasting impression. You should not hang open from your shoulders; it must hug your body. Secondly, make sure the waistcoat has a proper length; it must cover the trouser waistband. If it does not, either is short or trousers are sitting low.

3. Dress Yourself Down

It is not always crucial to treat waistcoats as formal attire in your wardrobe. Sometimes, you can wear them separately with chinos, relaxed open-neck shirts, or even denim. Waistcoats excel in both traditional and casual attires. They can be a solid alternative to a sports coat or a blazer on weekends. Pick something in rugged fabric like needlecord or checkered tweed, and you will find it a lightweight cover in autumn and spring.

4. Create a Fashion Statement

If you are confident about your dress sense, a contrasting waistcoat is the best solution to stand you out from the crowd. You can try this attire at a summer wedding or a dressy occasion when you need to look your best.

5. Explore Various Fabrics

 Explore Various Fabrics

Waistcoats are available in every size and shape. They are an excellent way to add some variety to your closet. Pair a silk brocade waistcoat with a classic wool dinner suit for a black-tie event. Otherwise, have a pair of flannel or checked tweed in your closet for smart-casual occasions. From velvet to brushed cotton, there is a formal waistcoat for everything out there.

Now that you know how to wear properly, this is high time to grab one for you.

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