Experts’ Tips on Wearing a Check Waistcoat Well

These days, the Print Waistcoat has become a highly trendy fashion item. Now it’s a wardrobe essential that serves beyond a fashion accessory. Waistcoats enhance your style, add personality to your appearance, and are an excellent way of making a style statement. However, many men are still unaware of how to wear properly.

Our experts recommend you follow your style sense and wear what makes you feel comfortable and look stunning. Please read this guide to know our expert’s recommendations on wearing, so you can discover a style that works well for you.

Do You Wear a Check Waistcoat Dressed Down

Check Waistcoat

A Check Waistcoat is a stylish part of a three or two-piece suit. However, pairing it with a pair of jeans can also work. If you wear it casually, a waistcoat in a contrasting pattern or shade looks great. It showcases your relaxed style. Also, if you wear this jacket with a fancy handkerchief, it completes your look. Whether you wear casually with jeans or formally with a suit, it will add more style elements to your appearance.

Can You Leave the Bottom Button Undone

Leaving the waistcoat’s bottom button undone is the absolute style misconception for men. In experts’ view, this trend can make you look odd, especially if you are a groom. After all, it leaves the waistband and your shirt exposed, which does not look good in photographs.

What is the Best Style to Wear This Season

Selecting the style of a waistcoat that matches your body shape is essential. Conventionally, the primary option was double-breasted, but this style ideally suits a tall man better. A unique choice that usually suits every body shape is the single-breasted. However, you can select from other types as well. To find the best for this season, you may have a look at our wide range of waistcoat collections.

Our Experts’ Guidelines on How to Wear

We have already posted many blogs where we discussed the proper ways of wearing a waistcoat. If you are still not aware of the basic guidelines of wearing, take a look at the quick tips given below:

  • Never feel afraid to show your personality and be bold with different patterns and colors.
  • Add some elegance with a contrast lining on your waistcoat’s back.
  • Ensure to pick a long waistcoat that can cover your waistband and shirt and give you a more sophisticated look.
  • Try to overlook the bottom button principle.
Choose the Best Style from Callino!

Checkered or printed always provide a good deal of style and add a finishing touch to various suit styles. Most importantly, a suit looks unfinished if you don’t add a waistcoat to it. Furthermore, it would help to search for a style that goes well with your personality.

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