Evolution of Trousers

Since old times, trousers have been worn in the Western world. Currently, they are the most common types of lower-body garments for men. Comfortable and practical, Men's Trousers Online to wear them as part of their daily outfits.

Initially, Invented because robes were not comfortable for wearing on horseback. People who wore pants in battle had their upper hands over people who wore robes. This is why global civilizations chose this type of dress for surviving battles.

This blog will discuss the evolutionary changes of trousers, how came into our society, and how they developed into today’s modern.


Trousers on Horseback

6th Century BC Greek geographers made the first recorded reports of trousers. They noted the looks of Central Asian, Eastern, and Persian horse riders. The comfort they offered from maximized times on horseback created a practical option. You can find images of male horse riders wearing trousers on old ceramics also.

However, the Ancient Greeks found the clothing ridiculous. Likewise, the Romans pondered as outfits worn by barbarians. But the obtained more fame as the empire spread further around the globe. The Roman Empire could not ignore the practicality and warmth that provided them.

The Altering Shape

Trousers were first a military outfit. They arrived in the type of loose-fitting or snug shorts that closed at the ankles. Then they grew into tight trousers in the late 14th Century with attached foot coverings. This clothing had the look of hose and knights used to wear them below plate armor.

Proportions become more exaggerated by 1500. Trousers became ballooning and voluminous over the thighs and compressing at the ankles. They were produced from ornate cloth and featured slashes for unveiling the vibrant lining below. These  were slimmed down gradually into ordinary breeches that tightened at the knee. However, later these were dropped for the ankle-length pants worn by the professionals.

During the 19th Century, we finally began to see like we find Men's Pants Online today. They were available in neutral shades and were a looser fit with a button fly. Edward VII, Queen Victoria’s eldest son, set the trend for men’s trousers as they are popular currently. Moreover, he took the channel into the mainstream.


The growth enabled a higher range of movement and freedom. Although this was first only for the lower and warrior classes, particularly the males in our society, over history, the wearing of trousers has come for symbolizing not just the importance of movement but the option for being active and enjoying physical freedoms.

Men’s trousers and wearing them display the societal and cultural changes in the concepts of what is masculine and what is anticipated from every male member of our society.

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