Different Waistcoat Styling Tips for Formal Occasions

Waistcoats have become unique and versatile pieces of clothing that every man must have in his closet. You can wear it with different garments for finishing a look. You can easily style a Waistcoat for Men, regardless of the event that you will style yourself for. From buttons, motifs, pockets, and patterns, you can club with different kinds of apparel.

Tips to Style for Different Formal Events

Waistcoats are now an important part of men’s wardrobes. Hence, creating outfits with them is a fashion victory. You can club with outfits as per the type of occasion you will attend. To help you style this versatile piece of clothing for different formal occasions, here we have come up with some tips. Let’s check them below!

1. Make Suit-Waistcoat Attire

Suits are necessary if you will attend a business event. A 3-piece suit with waistcoats is a definite preference but to provide it a different look, simply play with contrast shades with the shoes and accessories. Moreover, you can wear a tie with the outfit to follow the traditional tie-suit style.
Don’t worry about the ways of wearing, as styling it with various apparel is the key, so are playing with shades. Dressing up in the general black theme can seem monotonous; rather you can simply play with a combination of monochrome and blues for enhancing your look. It’s just about creating ideal waistcoat combinations with shade coordination and we at Callino London can help you master this skill with our extensive range of Waistcoats Online.

2. Style a Pair of Jeans and a Waistcoat with a Tie

In case you have a casual workday that needs you to look semi-formal, the most amazing option for trying waistcoat styles would be to club it with your favorite jeans and a shirt. You can wear a simple tie for holding it uptight for the workspace. Complete this look with formal shoes and you are prepared to go!
Even a buttoned-up shirt clubbed with espadrilles or casual shoes, a horseshoe cut-out waistcoat, and jeans can be an amazing choice for MBA students or college presentations. You can opt for waistcoat combinations by using more blacks, blues, and grays in the shirt to let jeans and waistcoats complement each other.

3. Try a Blue Waistcoat with the Shades and Combinations You Prefer

Presently, the blue waistcoat combination is in trend. Blue is the color that matches Indian skin tone perfectly. And men look great in every shade of blue. Hence, style it off with a contrasting shade for pocket handkerchief and shoes and you will look different from others. Clubbing a blue with a black shirt can also make you look dashing as these shades in combination won’t go wrong. Royal blue waistcoat combo with a tie and red pocket squares is a hit among men if clubbed with solid brown formal shoes.

Try the aforesaid style tips to add charisma, glamour, and charm to the entire look without putting in much effort.

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