Checkered Trousers: When and How to Wear

Seeking to create a style statement with your outfit? Be a bit classically old-fashioned, dramatic, and bold with Checkered Trousers for Men! If you club your checkered with the right clothing pieces, not just you can manage their dramatic potential but also you look modern and fashionable.

If you want to wear textured trousers to any event, just go for checkered. Just pair these trousers with more restrained and neutral apparel, incorporating your jacket and shirt. This helps people focus more on your checkered pants and highlights your preference also.

For instance, you can club checkered pants with a long-sleeved shirt or a subtle blazer in neutral shades like gray, black, and navy. You must not go overboard and club these textured pants for men with other dramatic and crazy outfits.

Top Styles

1. Puppytooth and Houndstooth

Houndstooth checkered pants have classic check designs that boast alternating bands of 4 dark and light lines. Puppytooth patterns are quite similar, but with softer and thinner lines for a not-so-bold finish.

2. Windowpane

This pattern boasts abstracted horizontal pinstripes that create checked squares. These patterns are one of the simplest to achieve as they have a powerful look without getting puzzled. You can simply combine these kinds of checkered trousers for men with other small-scale patterns on your outfits, incorporating stripes, florals, and dots.

3. Prince of Wales

This is another popular pattern in checkered trousers.  It boasts irregular checkmarks in several colors, making a messy but visually attractive experience that can be simply coordinated with blazers and sweaters.

Checkered Trouser Outfits for Different Occasions

Here are a few looks:

1. Smart-Casual Looks

You can easily club checkered trousers with smart-casual outfits. Simply exchange your chinos or the same pants for checkered ones and you are ready to rock! These Textured Pants for Men go perfectly with other basic aspects like pale blue collared shirts or knitted polo shirts.

2. Formal Looks

Formal Looks

Undoubtedly, it’s challenging to club customized checkered pants with formal outfits. However, you can do this by choosing trousers in dark shades like gray or charcoal. Only ensure to choose a dark-colored checkered pattern. Then, club your trousers with strong shoes and soft flannel shirts. In case you wear a tie and blazer, they must be in neutral shades to make the aforesaid contrast.

3. Casual Looks

Casual Looks

You can acquire a bold and vibrant look by wearing checkered pants. Pair the pants with a minimalist trainer or a white t-shirt to balance the trousers’ energy properly.
In a nutshell, it will possibly take a bit of experimentation before getting your ideal checkered pant look right.

Closing Words

Hopefully, you enjoyed the aforesaid checkered trousers outfit ideas. Now that you are aware of when and how to wear these textured pants, finish off your look with these trousers from a trusted online store. Choose from an exclusive collection, upgrade your wardrobe, and enjoy a versatile look.

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