5 Classic Patterns of Cotton Shirts That Never Go Out of Style

While getting ready for a party or hangout or a business meeting, you need your shirts’ collection. Shirts are the staple in a man’s closet. There are different types of for different seasons and occasions. If you want to create a wardrobe for all seasons, we must take you on a tour of various kinds of Shirts for Men.

Your outfit makes up for the first impression and enhances your self-esteem. Thereby, it would help if you planned properly. We will discuss five classic types of men’s cotton shirts that you must need in your wardrobe all year round.

5 Classic Types

1. Dress

Dress are one of the most sought-after styles of Cotton Shirts for Men. They can be your companion at any important event. While highlighting French cuffs and a cutaway collar, a dress is a must for crucial celebrations. Boost your formal attire with traditional dress shoes and cufflinks. Wear a bow or a dapper tie to bring the look together.

2. Check

Check Shirts

Check are indispensable for men’s closets. These daily wear options make men feel comfortable and confident. Men who get happiness in colors can choose bright combinations of check patterns. However, there are neutral admirers also who can choose some combinations of sober shades. A breathtaking checkered can even replace a jacket when it’s not very cold. For a perfect weekend fashion that never goes outdated, you can wear a checked shirt with buttons open and layer it over a crew-neck t-shirt.

3. Short-Sleeved Camp Collared

Short-sleeved camp collared shirts are trendy, versatile, and a must-have in summer. These are available in several options – from print to solid-shaded, allowing you to choose a design that matches your vibe and persona. You can pair these summer staples with jeans or shorts based on the occasion. And complete your breezy look by wearing loafers.

4. Self-Striped

A comfort-giving, slim-fit, self-striped is men’s all-time favorite. And the range of these shirts at Callino is famous among different age groups and regions. The uniqueness, textures, colors, and superb material are the main reasons behind the demand for these breathtaking pieces. Striped fit perfectly with both festivity and work.

5. Mandarin Collar

A band or mandarin collar looks amazingly elegant on formal occasions. Whether it’s an engagement party or a professional event, this shirt will be a superb choice. The mandarin-style keeps you away from the hassles of bows and ties. You can wear them with crisply pleated trousers for a professional appearance. Club it with fitted jeans or chinos for a semi-formal event, and you are ready to go. To steal lots of attention, wear this shirt with dress shoes.

Final Notes

These shirts’ fabric is very durable and becomes softer with continual wash and use, making them more comfortable to wear. You can choose from our range and live your life with style and confidence.

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