5 Bespoke Waistcoat Styles to Try This Winter

A Waistcoat for Men is one of the most attractive garments in winter. You can try this additional layer when it is cold outside. Wearing this jacket always makes you look well-dressed. Waistcoats generally follow a formula: single-breasted in a garment that matches the whole suit; nevertheless, you have many style options when you go bespoke.

You can tailor a waistcoat in any bespoke style, but to help you find out the best one for you, here we have five of our favorite waistcoat styles that you can try this winter.

Waistcoat Styles You Must Know About This Winter

1. Double-Breasted

This waistcoat has a more traditional, classic feel than a single-breasted one. Hence, it is pretty unusual to wear this waistcoat with a casual tweed suit. A double-breasted jacket is perfect for cold weather as its double layering adds more warmth. Usually, this waistcoat has a straight bottom instead of a single-breasted one. Due to this, you should pick the correct length to avoid showing any shirt.

2. Single-Breasted


A single-breasted waistcoat is one of the ready-to-wear and common styles you can find. It is undoubtedly famous, and this style is entirely bespoke and looks fantastic on any body shape. If you go timeless, you can design it with 3-7 buttons. Usually, if you have more buttons on your coat, it will fasten more on your chest. The waistcoat’s bottom is generally pointed instead of straight, with an excellent torso-lengthening impact.

3. Lapel

A timeless waistcoat can boast a lapel. You can hardly see it ready-to-wear but can find this Waistcoat Online in some styles like shawl, peak, and notch. Generally, the waistcoat with a lapel uses the cloth used in the whole waistcoat. Nevertheless, if you want to create a statement on occasion, you can use contrasting fabrics like satin or velvet. A small hand stitching line can add to the edge of this lapel. Lapels make you look smarter.

4. Horseshoe

It is the most formal waistcoat on our list. A horseshoe waistcoat has a deeper opening than a suiting waistcoat to give room for bibs, shirt studs, and pleats while layering your trousers’ waistband. You can find this style single or double-breasted, and it can even boast a contrasting lapel.

5. Cloth-Backed

Many waistcoats usually use lining on their back. It’s a practical option. It is more thoughtful to wear. Earlier, men did not wear waistcoats without a jacket. Nevertheless, it is common to wear a waistcoat without a jacket. It is when a cloth-backed style has become popular. Using the same cloth on a waistcoat’s front and back looks very smart, making it perfect to wear without a jacket. For people living in colder areas, this waistcoat is an excellent choice to wear with a suit jacket as it gives more warmth.


No matter which waistcoat you are picking, our timeless waistcoats are available to suit your needs and unique style. Most importantly, they will fit you amazingly. Visit us to lay your hands on our exclusive collection of waistcoats.

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